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“Simultaneously hilarious and deadly serious...An extraordinary book.”

— Oliver Burkeman, NYT bestselling author of Four Thousand Weeks

“...a compelling self-help case for reining in capitalism.”

— The Progressive

“A potent slice of social commentary and strategic advice...”

— KIRKUS Reviews

“Julio Vincent Gambuto offers answers. And energy. And hope.”

— Sarah Knight, NYT bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

“Joy and fulfillment await you on the other end.”

— Ali Wenzke, author of The Art of Happy Moving

———  PAPERBACK DROPS 7/30   ———


The very best book to read this summer if you're a stressed-out professional, overloaded mom or dad, or just want a new way to think about this weird modern future we are all living in.

Audie Finalist

Nominated alongside Michelle Obama, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Medhi Hasan for the year's Best Business/Personal Development Audiobook 

Gold Medalist

Winner of a Gold Medal for Best Business Book on Work-Life Balance, from the Axiom Business Awards

Invited to SXSW

Julio Vincent Gambuto was invited to speak at SXSW 2024, presenting the book, in a talk like no other. And featured in the SXSW Bookstore

Featured on CNN

Featured in CNN's "5 Things" newsletter, with an interview and piece on Julio Vincent Gambuto.

Must Read

Named a Must-Read Book for August 2023 by the Next Big Idea Book Club, curated by Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink 

Available Internationally

Now available in the US, Canada, Italy, and the UK. Coming soon to France, Portugal, and Brazil

Meet the Author

Please Unsubscribe, Thanks! was written for overworked professionals, exhausted moms and dads, and all of us who are simply done with the constant nonsense the world demands that we take on, process, believe, and manage all day long. 

The book is brilliant, witty, and warm. Reading it is like having a beer, a tall glass of wine, or a hot tea with a good friend—one who really wants things to change. Let's call it...where self-help meets "the system."

It starts with the premise that life in American in 2024 is relentless. It then breaks down into two important parts to answer two pressing questions: how did modern life get this way? And what do we do about it? 

You'll walk away with:​

  • 100+ practical and tactical strategies for how to be happy in all the chaos, and how to unplug and reevaluate life so you can re-design it and live it with more meaning and joy

  • ​​A deep understanding of how modern life got to be so damn relentless

  • An illuminating look at how the Big Forces that run our society work together to get bigger at a very personal cost to you, your family, and all of us

  • ​Important opportunities to reflect on where all your time, attention, money and energy really go

  • A tough-love conversation about work that will change your perspective on work, life, and all things work-life balance

  • A road map for what CNN called an "elimination diet for tech" for you and your family

  • Additional resources inside the book and here on this site to extend the conversation with your book club, parenting or work groups, and family

  • A favorite new author who "gets it" and wants to be your guide in a world gone, well...pretty crazy​

What You'll Get From the Book

Molly, on Goodreads

“A book I didn’t know I needed! … Julio makes you think and consider what noise you’ll allow in your life. He pushes you to think waaaaaay outside of your comfort zone. He challenges All The Processes. Never in a preachy way. But guiding you to consider a way to move through the world….”

Christopher, on Goodreads

“This is a great book for anyone struggling to make sense of the world today, and looking for some guidance about how to chart a path toward a less noisy, less chaotic, less distracted and more fulfilling life. Very highly recommended.

Christina, on Goodreads

“Provocative, earnest, and at times hilariously irreverent, this book fascinated me from its premise to its very last page. JVG positions his personal quest for “unsubscription” from the brands, businesses, and broader bullshit that no longer serve him in the context of thoughtful sociocultural commentary...

Juri, on Goodreads

“Don’t let the quippy (and excellent) title fool you, Gambuto’s work here is a deep river that runs the gamut from pop culture to sociology, economics, ethics, and philosophy. It’s both diagnostic and prescriptive without ever being didactic. It’s full of heart and pathos and humor and chock full of novel and wise insights...

Ses157, on Goodreads

“JVG distills what’s important in the noise we face from the moment we wake up and look at our phones. Then, he provides practical advice and the motivation to actually follow through on it, for those of us who feel like we’re too busy or too lost to even know where to begin.

SWGinLA, on

“The book is wonderful — profound, comprehensive, accessible, funny, and so kind. What an extraordinary effort to document this moment in time and the challenges and opportunities that it offers all of us for change.

What Readers are Saying

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