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Let's start with you. You are the hero of this story. What do you want? For your organization to tell better stories. Not just stories that land or resonate (those are a given) but stories that spark, that inspire, that engage, energize, and galvanize people and communities.

A great story can push the needle. It can change hearts and minds. It can move people—to action, to change, to Texas (we get it, we get it, the taxes are cheaper). But the world is a crazy place. It's competitive and chaotic and cluttered. And full of noise and nonsense. All of that is in the way of your organization's success.

Julio Vincent Gambuto headshot

That's where Julio comes in. (It's "Giulio." It's Italian. Long story.) Julio is a master storyteller. An author, moviemaker, and speaker, Julio has a background in marketing and 20+ years of experience in media and entertainment. He's worked with non-profit and corporate teams, both large and small, and storytellers of all stripes and experience levels.


Story Hero is Julio's signature storytelling workshop.

  • Story Hero is an immersive, high-impact experience that serves as a field manual for creating — and then delivering — consistently persuasive, memorable, and successful stories.

  • The workshop has been developed and tested for over 10 years.

  • It can be delivered in-person anywhere in the US, or live online — and for groups of all sizes — as a 1-hour talk, a 6-hour interactive workshop, or a 2-day event.

  • This is not your usual team training. This is a smart, fresh, fun workshop that mixes critical storytelling lessons with interactive exercises, break-outs, games, and video.


  • One unique element: Julio draws on his filmmaking training and experience — showing relevant short film and television examples — to actively engage participants.

  • Then he teaches the group exactly how to apply beginner, intermediate or advanced techniques to real-world projects they are currently working on.​​


  • The workshop ends with a finale story presentation by each participant.

  • Your team will work away with practical and tactical strategies for immediate storytelling success.

  • (Yep, Story Hero can also be customized to target critical growth areas you identify.)

Drop us a line to say hello and start the conversation. We'd love to introduce you to Julio and to Story Hero. Let's get your organization's stories crisp, clear, and supercharging your mission.

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