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Art director looking at storyboard

Storytelling Master Class 

JVG rolls us his sleeves and teaches the art, science, and power of storytelling — to creative professionals, organizations, and media-makers. The new master class is an expansion of his Story Hero workshop series. Now, in an age of great change in society, the master class includes not only instruction in story design but strategies for using storytelling to build human connection and promote wellness — in our lives, in our families, in our businesses, and in the world.

45-minute talk
60-minute talk
3-hour interactive workshop

or 6-hour workshop day


In-person on-site, select cities, or online


Team training 

Writers, screenwriters, entertainment professionals of all kinds, media pros, non-profit and corporate comms teams and executives



Participants work directly in the class and after to use the tools of story design, as they directly apply to their project(s). They learn how to break down stories, then craft them from in the inside-out so that they are clean, clear, engaging, capture attention and inspire action.


The class can be customized to address specific challenges the group or organization is having.


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