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I'm Julio Vincent Gambuto

— an author, moviemaker, performer, and speaker. (I'm an artist. That's what we used to call people like me.)


* Just to be clear, that's not my art behind me. Maggie Shannon took this photo for me at the Kimpton Hotel in Los Angeles.


My debut feature film, Team Marco, is available from Samuel Goldwyn Films — on Apple TV, Amazon, and now Starz.  

I just wrote my first book, Please Unsubscribe, Thanks! — published by Avid Reader Press at Simon & Schuster.

For this year, we've got one book conversation event left, in Chicago. The tour has been a joy. Thanks to those who attended our events.

In 2024, I'll be performing at APAP, speaking at SXSW, and touring the country with a stage show based on the book.

Coming soon is Silver Fox — a new and very gay comedy short I wrote and directed — which is headed to film festivals, from The New Yorker.

You can read my essays on Medium,

including the viral essay, Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting, which circled the globe to over 21 million readers. Or learn more about my background here.

I do use socials twice a week, mostly for announcements and such. Otherwise, I'm pretty offline. Hope to meet you soon, in real life. A hearty handshake awaits.


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