Julio knows funny! He is one of my most gifted directing students. And he writes (beautifully!) about what he knows! Any actor should jump at the chance to work with this up-and-coming talent.
— Mary Lou Belli, Emmy Award Winning Director
I found Julio a delight to work with. He brings his considerable talent, his significant organizational ability, his relaxed confidence and his collaborative people skills to the work at hand. I always know the work will be splendid and the journey exciting.
— Sheldon Larry, Film, Television, and Theater Director
Julio’s been in several classes I’ve taught – both doc and non-fiction.  He’s engaged, original, treasured by his classmates.  He has the emotional courage to delve deeply into sensitive subject matter with precision and humor
— Amanda Pope, Emmy Award Winning Director
We optioned Julio’s reality show because it was fresh, fun, and really, really good!  I’ve sinced hired him as a producer on TV projects because he’s smart, great with people, and really is a pleasure to be around.
— Scott Stone, Producer
Working with Julio is a sheer pleasure due to his immensely wonderful personality. He is hardworking, thoughtful, professional and can literally handle anything. I would do anything for this human who is wildly talented, with great taste and vision!
— Shelby Malone, Producer/ Director, USC Colleague
As a first assistant cameraman, I greatly appreciate a director like Julio for his ability to communicate a clear vision of the shots needed to create the scene. His preparedness facilitates the work day and allows more time for creativity and most importantly fun.
— Rob Snyder, First AC, Macaroni and Stars
Julio is the actor’s dream director. He creates a safe, creative, and fun environment on set for his actors — giving us the freedom to explore in our own way, with his sage guidance. Julio has a very warm disposition and makes everyone on set feel like family. That’s one of his truly unique gifts— even as he’s focused on steering the ship, he’s creating a camaraderie amongst his cast and crew that makes you actually look forward to the long hours on set. Not to mention how fantastic he made us look in the finished cut!
— Natalie Peyser, Actor
Julio is what is termed an actor’s director because he understands the true balance of allowing the actors to artistically create moment to moment, yet gently guides them towards his vision of the scene or project. He is always respectful and kind to both his actors and crew on as well as off set.  Working with him is truly a joyful experience.
— Mary Cavaliere, Actor
Julio was a delight to work with. From the audition to the end of shooting he made me comfortable and respected as an artist. He brought passion and professionalism to the process, as well as a supportive and fun attitude each day. Can’t wait to work with him again in the future!
— Tim Blane, Actor